Part 1


The adventurers regrouped in Magnimar, Shayliss Vinder joins the party declaring she’ll never leave Moriella’s side.The party is summoned by Haldmeer Grobaras and asked to investigate Fort Rannick to see why the Black Arrows have stopped reporting in. They are met there by Shalelu Andosana who expresses interest in joining the party in their investigation of Fort Rannick. They explore Turtleback Ferry the closest town to Fort Rannick to get some information, they find not much more than rumors and speculation but decide to investigate the fort for themselves. While en route they run across a trained firepelt cougar trapped in a bear trap. While uninjured it is unable to free itself. Agathor calms the animal while Inam frees it, the group hears the howling of war dogs and is confronted by a large deformed man. Rukus Graul and his hunting dogs attempt to attack the cougar and Agathor yells at Rukus Graul so intimidatingly that he turns and runs away crying. After quickly dispatching the dogs the group manages to take down Rukus before he can escape. Approaching a ramshackle farmhouse the group is assaulted by another deformed humanoid, Ole Crowfood who’s head is shaped like a pumpkin. The adventurers decide to camp in the nearby woods.


Jason_Carr Jason_Carr

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