Habe's Sanitorium

Choppa dat head

The group was given a letter of introduction by Sheriff Hemlock to Erin Habe of Habe’s Sanitorium. They go there to investigate a potential lead from Grayst Sevilla who it is believed witnessed the slaying of two merchants by the Skinsaw man, they arrived to a flustered Habe who seems to be annoyed by their presence. After reading the letter he agrees to let them briefly question Grayst who mumbles incorherent phrases like “Skinsaw man” and “cut them up” until he notices Inam whom he convey’s a message to. Once he’s given his message he expresses his jealously over the masters fondness for her and leaps to attack. After putting down the ghoul the group turns on Habe, Agathor blames Habe for the assault and threatens him, Habe runs away releasing his more dangerous prisoners on his way. The group is forced to fight a wererat and as they finished it off a necromancer accompanied by zombies comes up the stairs. They immediately dispatch this foe and continue their pursuit of Habe. They manage to find Habe huddled in a corner sobbing to himself in his bedroom. They grab him and tie him up and begin to interogate him. Realizing that HabeAgathor doesn’t know anything about the murders Agathor promptly decapitates him, murdering Habe in cold blood.


Jason_Carr Jason_Carr

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