Thistletop Part 3

He's doing what with the goblins?

After waking the group explored the rest of the bottom floor, finding an ancient treasure room containing a gigantic gold plated helm, as they approached it to asses it’s weight and value it turned and the giant hermit crab residing within it attacks. They defeat the crab and lash it to shadowmist to have him carry it out of the dungeon. They go back up to the previous floor and decide to explore the rest of it, they find Ripnuggets Goblin wife harem, the wives are attending to Bruthazmus and the group of them roar to attack. The group quickly dispatches of the lot of them moving on to find some more trinkets around the place, defeating a few yeth hounds in the process. They leave the fortress and return to the island. Aenor runs out onto the bridge and causes it to collapse underneath him, he’s ok and Inam and Moriella are able to restring the bridge, they figure out how to make it more secure and the entire group moves back into the thistles. There they meet Gogmurt the goblin druid hero, who attempts to make a deal with them to get rid of Nualia without harming Rippnugget. Unfortunately Agathor lets it slip that Rippnugget is already dead and a fight ensues, Gogmurt and his familiar fall dead before the group. They hurry to the exterior of the thistle maze but Aenor decides at the last minute to sprint through an unexplored part of the maze, discovering a group of 15 goblins. The rest of the group shakes their heads and continues on as goblin after goblin falls before Aenor’s Blade.


Jason_Carr Jason_Carr

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