Thistletop part 2

The one where the gang ties up a naked girl.

The group woke up in the stank box and proceeded down into the lower level of Thistletop. they find a war room and the plans to unleash an entity known as malpheshenkor and destroy sandpoint. They then enter a library and encounter Lyrie Akenja a mage who seems to be studying artifacts from the ruins, they quickly knock her out before she can do any damage with her spells. Stripping her and tying her up so that they can interrogate her. Afterwards the group finds a secret door down to an even lower level. They come upon a mercenary named Orik Vancaskerkin whom quickly surrenders to them, having no interest in dying for people he has decided are completely insane. Orik promptly convinces the adventurers to let him join their party. Before Orik can warn him Aenor finds a dangerous statue trap with his face, luckily “IT WAS MADE OF STONE” and he was uninjured. The rest of the group was able to successfully avoid the trap and explore the lowest level of Thistletop some more, there they discovered the beautiful Nualia Tobyn who’s left arm had been transformed into a demonic claw. She attacked them without mercy but the group weathered her assault and drove her back, they were able to capture and tie her up but during questioning she tried to escape and fell breaking her own neck. The group then discovered a giant wall made of coins after close inspection they determined that the coins were actually carved of stone and glamoured to look like real coin. They also found a small coin sized slot in the wall, after placing a gold coin in the wall it slides open to reveal a hidden passageway.
Within this new area the group discovers the hideous beast Malfeshnakor and after nearly getting killed directly assaulting him they retreated to the hall outside his cell, suddenly realizing that the couldn’t pursue them. They were able to whittle him down from range, finally killing the beast. After searching the room they decide to spend the night in his cell.


Jason_Carr Jason_Carr

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