Thistetop Part 1

No steal pickle!

The group prepares to assault Thistletop, the goblin fortress and source of the recent assaults on Sandpoint. En route they are approached by a large bearded man in a red suit. He gives each of them a gift, to Inam he gives a Cloak of Flying, to Aenor he gives Silver Smite bracelets, to Moriella he gives a Robe of Arcane Heritage and to Agathor a Blindfold of the Swordsman. The group dons their new items and prepares to approach the thistle wall that borders the Thistletop land. They manage to find a secret door into the thistle maze that leads to the fortress. They fight through a few goblin dogs and goblins coming to a place where the thistles give way to a cliff. They decide to climb down the cliff and fly up onto the fortress island, skipping the maze and bridge to the fortress entirely.
They silently deal with the Goblin patrols on the outside of the fortress as well as the inattentive goblins in the guard towers.
In the process they discover some pickle thieves sleeping off their pickle binge.
Afterwards they discover a trapped Warhorse named Shadowmist hungry and scared he threatens to attack the group. However Aenor manages to calm him down and wins the affection of the injured horse.
Inside they discover many grisly trophies and eventually the ruler of the goblin tribe himself Warchief Ripnugget and his pet giant Gecko. after a tough fight the group emerges victorious and decides to spend the night in a nearby goblin toilet.


Jason_Carr Jason_Carr

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