Scarecrow ghouls

Ghoul's of the corn.

The group was approached by a man who identified himself as Grump a farmer from the Sandpoint hinterlands. He said that they had seen strange things from a nearby farm and that people and animals had started going missing, they approached the suspect farm with torches and pitchforks at which point the residents started killing and eating them. The group decides to investigate and after a few hours arrives at the nearby farms. they discover a scene of horror, most of the residents have been captured or killed, and the entirety of the fields is full of scarecrows, in order to save the captured residents they are forced to approach each group of scarecrows, triggering multiple skirmishes, at one point even setting the fields aflame. They quickly get the fire under control and enter a barn where they fight a large group of ghouls. Upon entering the farmhouse they discover a particularly nasty ghoul wearing the clothes of a butler. They make short work of the ghoul and discover a key that bears a crest that Inam recognizes as the crest of the Foxglove family.
They return to town with the newfound knowledge that somehow Aldern Foxglove is involved.


Jason_Carr Jason_Carr

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