Portal to City of DOOM

How Aenor got his groove back

After Moriella left the group to meet with Shayliss they were sucked into a portal to an alternate timeline where the city of Magnimar had been completely destroyed and renamed “Doom”. There they encountered Ralpheshenkor son of Malpheshenkor who declared that “they killed his father, prepare to die” and then tried to kill the party in revenge for his father’s death. During the course of the battle Aenor realized he could no longer feel the touch of Torag or use any of his holy powers. Instinctively he focused on the use of his spear and Shield to the best advantage possible. After the group fought a horde of gargoyles they were comfronted by man eating ogres. Suddenly as the ogres closed in Torag himself appeared as a stone statue rising from the earth, he asked Aenor to take his hand and fused with Aenor giving him great power. The burst of Torag’s appearance . completely incapacitated the ogres and the party moved on. Aenor full of confidence with his new-found god-like power charged ahead of the group towards the sound of a woman sobbing. As he rounded the corner a beautiful woman appeared before him sobbing uncontrollably, a armored figure standing behind her menancingly. The rest of the group was forced to watch as an energy barrier prevented their passage to rejoin Aenor. As Aenor charged the armor he suddenly realized that it was empty and stopped in his tracks. Behind him he heard a cackling and the beautiful maiden morphed into a hideous lilitu. After a intense battle Aenor emerged victorious, Torag’s voice was heard to tell him that if he didn’t expel Torag’s power immediately he would die, and that the stress of channeling that much holy energy would forever render his ties to Torag severed. Sadly Aenor placed his hand on the evil suit of armor, dischargin the energy while simultaneously purifying it, his own armor fell from his body magically replaced by the purified demon armor. Aenor felt stronger then ever before.


Jason_Carr Jason_Carr

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