Glass and Fire

The one with the interesting sculpture

Aenor’s girl Ameiko has gone missing, after searching her room they find a note from her long lost brotherTsuto Kaijitsu asking her to meet him at the family glassworks the night before. The party is instantly suspicious and decides to investigate the glassworks. The party discovers goblins have invaded the glassworks and slaughtered the occupants. Due to some smart thinking and great tactical planning they ambush the goblins and make short work of them. They find Lonjiku Kaijitsu trapped in glass, dead from being burned alive by molten glass, face distorted in a look of extraordinary pain. After exploring and finding Ameiko nowhere they descend into the basement. There they find Tsuto Kaijitsu and a few goblins, Moriella’s burning hands makes short work of the goblins and a lucky hit by Agathor as Tsuto attempted to flee decapitates the half elf. The group discovers Ameiko tied up in another room and rescues her. While in the basement they discover a set of tunnels that they decide they will explore the next day.


Jason_Carr Jason_Carr

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