Part 2
Orik van Deadski

The group approached the farmhouse and entered it, setting off several traps. Orik Vancaskerkin set off a pit trap and disappeared likely dead. The group later finds him with the necromancer Mammy Graul, reborn as a half-undead Ghedin. Orik fought the bindings of the necromantic magic and attacked his creator Mammy, determined to defend Inam. After triumphing over Mammy the group reaved a path of destruction through the farmhouse, laying waste to the entire graul family. After fully clearing out the farmhouse they proceeded to the barn where they encountered an abnormally large spider. After taking it out they discovered the remnants of the broken arrows and agreed to help them re-take the nearby Fort Rannick.

Part 1

The adventurers regrouped in Magnimar, Shayliss Vinder joins the party declaring she’ll never leave Moriella’s side.The party is summoned by Haldmeer Grobaras and asked to investigate Fort Rannick to see why the Black Arrows have stopped reporting in. They are met there by Shalelu Andosana who expresses interest in joining the party in their investigation of Fort Rannick. They explore Turtleback Ferry the closest town to Fort Rannick to get some information, they find not much more than rumors and speculation but decide to investigate the fort for themselves. While en route they run across a trained firepelt cougar trapped in a bear trap. While uninjured it is unable to free itself. Agathor calms the animal while Inam frees it, the group hears the howling of war dogs and is confronted by a large deformed man. Rukus Graul and his hunting dogs attempt to attack the cougar and Agathor yells at Rukus Graul so intimidatingly that he turns and runs away crying. After quickly dispatching the dogs the group manages to take down Rukus before he can escape. Approaching a ramshackle farmhouse the group is assaulted by another deformed humanoid, Ole Crowfood who’s head is shaped like a pumpkin. The adventurers decide to camp in the nearby woods.

Portal to City of DOOM
How Aenor got his groove back

After Moriella left the group to meet with Shayliss they were sucked into a portal to an alternate timeline where the city of Magnimar had been completely destroyed and renamed “Doom”. There they encountered Ralpheshenkor son of Malpheshenkor who declared that “they killed his father, prepare to die” and then tried to kill the party in revenge for his father’s death. During the course of the battle Aenor realized he could no longer feel the touch of Torag or use any of his holy powers. Instinctively he focused on the use of his spear and Shield to the best advantage possible. After the group fought a horde of gargoyles they were comfronted by man eating ogres. Suddenly as the ogres closed in Torag himself appeared as a stone statue rising from the earth, he asked Aenor to take his hand and fused with Aenor giving him great power. The burst of Torag’s appearance . completely incapacitated the ogres and the party moved on. Aenor full of confidence with his new-found god-like power charged ahead of the group towards the sound of a woman sobbing. As he rounded the corner a beautiful woman appeared before him sobbing uncontrollably, a armored figure standing behind her menancingly. The rest of the group was forced to watch as an energy barrier prevented their passage to rejoin Aenor. As Aenor charged the armor he suddenly realized that it was empty and stopped in his tracks. Behind him he heard a cackling and the beautiful maiden morphed into a hideous lilitu. After a intense battle Aenor emerged victorious, Torag’s voice was heard to tell him that if he didn’t expel Torag’s power immediately he would die, and that the stress of channeling that much holy energy would forever render his ties to Torag severed. Sadly Aenor placed his hand on the evil suit of armor, dischargin the energy while simultaneously purifying it, his own armor fell from his body magically replaced by the purified demon armor. Aenor felt stronger then ever before.

The Sand's of Time
Marcin Fall and go Boom!

On the way to a decrepit ancient clock tower in Magnimar the group ran into Shayliss Vinder, Moriella’s on-again-off-again fling, she invited Moriella back to her room at the Inn later. The group proceeded to the giant ramshackle clocktower and inside they found an Intelligent Flesh Golem named “The Scarecrow.” Though intelligent he seemed interested in one thing, fresh flesh and lumbered to attack. After finding a weak spot on the Golem the adventurers tore Scarecrow to pieces. Finding a cloak of elvenkind they proceeded up the dangerously weak staircase to the top of the tower. After climbing several flights of precarious stairs they hear the sound of a bell ringing as one of the 4 massive bells overhead came crashing down. Agathor, Aenor, Orik and Inam were struck, Orik lost his grip on the stairs and plummeted to the ground nearly dying from the ordeal. After recovering and ascending to the heights of the bells the Party is confronted by 3 Faceless Stalkers who they dispatch easily. They come out onto the roof and face a gigantic flying demon circling the tower, Aenor lower’s his lance and charges at the demon, as his lance makes contact the demon disappears into a cloud of smoke and Aenor tumbles off the roof, falling to the ground 100 feet below, Inam’s quick thinking saves his life as she uses her ring of telekinesis to slow his fall enough to prevent his death. She then manages to bring him back up to the roof where the party groups. Agathor charges and strikes a stone statue thinking it must be an enemy. While it is not he does reveal a hiding beautiful Lamia, who readies to attack. Inam shoots an arrow at her and it also dissapears into a cloud of smoke, after which the Lamia Matriarch Xanesha appears beside her dealing her a massive blow with her spear, releasing an aura of fear that shakes Inam’s confidence to the core. As the group started to gain the upper hand Xanesha heals herself and renews the fight, then just as things look to be over for Xanesha Aenor uses a group heal and gives her the energy she needs to escape. She flings herself off the edge and floats down to the ground thanks to a feather fall spell, slithering off into the night.

Sawmill of the Seven
Orik van Sashimi

The group Explored Magnimar and found Aldern’s Manor house in which they encountered Aldern and Iesha Foxglove alive and well. This turned out to be a trap and the group was assaulted by two Faceless stalkers who had assumed the appearance of the ill-fated couple. In the manor they found documents that helped them locate the Seven’s Sawmill. The mill was owned by a group called the brothers of the Seven that is somehow related to the recent murders committed by Aldern the Skinsaw Man. The group encountered a group of cultists who screamed “Parkour” and flipped past them and retreated up to the upper levels of the mill. This happened a few times, and Orik Fell into a spinning saw blade and was nearly killed when dumped onto the ground a floor below. They recovered Orik and proceeded to the top floor where they encountered Justice Ironbriar a local officer of the peace and a large contingent of parkour cultists. they defeated them all swiftly and discovered a journal they couldn’t decipher and several interesting treasures. On the roof they discovered a hutch of messenger ravens, they attached a note to one and freed the ravens who all landed on the roof of a nearby decrepit clock tower. The adventurers resolved to go there on the morrow.

Misgivings- Part 2
Iesha, one pissed Ex.

The group roused Iesha from her mournful reverie by standing between her and the mirror she was crying at. She saw the Scarf that had nearly killed Aenor and tore it to shreds. She then screamed “Aldern I’ll Kill you” and took off downstairs. Tearing a hole through the floor, revealing a secret stairwell under the living room. The group sprinted after her, just barely keeping up until they ran into a group of Ghouls that forced a confrontation. Iesha swept past the ghouls and started tearing an extremely sturdy door off it’s hinges as the group fought the ghouls. The heroes prevailed just in time to see Iesha shatter the door and charge at Aldern. After a debate on who to help the group decides to help Iesha and together they easily dispatch the Skinsaw Man. Her purpose fullfilled Iesha thanks the heroes and dissapates into a shower of light. The heroes discover some extremely dangerous human shaped mold and decide to leave it be. They also discover a letter adressed to Aldern that indicates that a group known as the “brothers of the seven” are somehow involved and that Aldern has a manor in Magnimar that bears investigation.

Misgivings - Part 1
Iesha, Iesha so sweet, so beautiful!

The group came to Mistmantle Manor the ancestral home of the Foxgloves. They came upon a burned down building on the outskirts of the property, clearly once a servants quarters. Once inside the Manor they were accosted by many different psychic phenomenons. The group explored one haunted room after another trying to find any clues as to the whereabouts of Aldern Foxglove. Aenor was nearly choked to death by a scarf. Eventually the group makes it through the haunted mansion to find a grief stricken Iesha Foxglove locked in the attic.

Scarecrow ghouls
Ghoul's of the corn.

The group was approached by a man who identified himself as Grump a farmer from the Sandpoint hinterlands. He said that they had seen strange things from a nearby farm and that people and animals had started going missing, they approached the suspect farm with torches and pitchforks at which point the residents started killing and eating them. The group decides to investigate and after a few hours arrives at the nearby farms. they discover a scene of horror, most of the residents have been captured or killed, and the entirety of the fields is full of scarecrows, in order to save the captured residents they are forced to approach each group of scarecrows, triggering multiple skirmishes, at one point even setting the fields aflame. They quickly get the fire under control and enter a barn where they fight a large group of ghouls. Upon entering the farmhouse they discover a particularly nasty ghoul wearing the clothes of a butler. They make short work of the ghoul and discover a key that bears a crest that Inam recognizes as the crest of the Foxglove family.
They return to town with the newfound knowledge that somehow Aldern Foxglove is involved.

Habe's Sanitorium
Choppa dat head

The group was given a letter of introduction by Sheriff Hemlock to Erin Habe of Habe’s Sanitorium. They go there to investigate a potential lead from Grayst Sevilla who it is believed witnessed the slaying of two merchants by the Skinsaw man, they arrived to a flustered Habe who seems to be annoyed by their presence. After reading the letter he agrees to let them briefly question Grayst who mumbles incorherent phrases like “Skinsaw man” and “cut them up” until he notices Inam whom he convey’s a message to. Once he’s given his message he expresses his jealously over the masters fondness for her and leaps to attack. After putting down the ghoul the group turns on Habe, Agathor blames Habe for the assault and threatens him, Habe runs away releasing his more dangerous prisoners on his way. The group is forced to fight a wererat and as they finished it off a necromancer accompanied by zombies comes up the stairs. They immediately dispatch this foe and continue their pursuit of Habe. They manage to find Habe huddled in a corner sobbing to himself in his bedroom. They grab him and tie him up and begin to interogate him. Realizing that HabeAgathor doesn’t know anything about the murders Agathor promptly decapitates him, murdering Habe in cold blood.

Thistletop Part 3
He's doing what with the goblins?

After waking the group explored the rest of the bottom floor, finding an ancient treasure room containing a gigantic gold plated helm, as they approached it to asses it’s weight and value it turned and the giant hermit crab residing within it attacks. They defeat the crab and lash it to shadowmist to have him carry it out of the dungeon. They go back up to the previous floor and decide to explore the rest of it, they find Ripnuggets Goblin wife harem, the wives are attending to Bruthazmus and the group of them roar to attack. The group quickly dispatches of the lot of them moving on to find some more trinkets around the place, defeating a few yeth hounds in the process. They leave the fortress and return to the island. Aenor runs out onto the bridge and causes it to collapse underneath him, he’s ok and Inam and Moriella are able to restring the bridge, they figure out how to make it more secure and the entire group moves back into the thistles. There they meet Gogmurt the goblin druid hero, who attempts to make a deal with them to get rid of Nualia without harming Rippnugget. Unfortunately Agathor lets it slip that Rippnugget is already dead and a fight ensues, Gogmurt and his familiar fall dead before the group. They hurry to the exterior of the thistle maze but Aenor decides at the last minute to sprint through an unexplored part of the maze, discovering a group of 15 goblins. The rest of the group shakes their heads and continues on as goblin after goblin falls before Aenor’s Blade.


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